My Story

It was 2018 when my idea came to life. My father-in-law was turning 84 years old. I wanted to create an unforgettable and unique gift for him. I decided to ask our family, his childhood friends, old co-workers, neighbors, and church members to write a short message or memory about him. After compiling the messages, I made an album to present to him at his birthday party. When my father-in-law opened his gift, the look on his face was unforgettable. During his party, he read the messages over and over. To this day, the album sits beside his recliner and you can often find him flipping through his messages. 

But WHY?

Why was this gift so special to him? The answer is simple....A thoughtful custom gift spoke to him personally. He did not even realize the impact he had made on others throughout his life. Every individual that contributed to his gift was a piece of thread woven together to create a beautiful tapestry. Being a nurse since 1993, I have worked with all kinds of people. The ONE common theme I have observed is that EVERYONE DESIRES TO FEEL THAT THEIR LIFE IS SPECIAL!

Why a throw blanket or quilt? Is that why you named your company Sew Meaningful (or So Meaningful...don't you love the play on words?)

After completing my father-in-law's special birthday surprise, others began to ask if I could help them create a message album for their loved one. Of course, I agreed to help. I love words and the feeling that they can provoke. After much consideration, I decided to incorporate the personalized messages into a usable product that could also be displayed. This is how Sew Meaningful came to fruition. 

I invite you to create a custom keepsake for someone special in your life. The messages can be written by you or by a collective group of people. I remember seeing the following words that I often think about: "Sometimes we tell our stories and sometimes our stories tell us." I hope you, just as I did, enjoy the look on your gift recipient's face when they open your sentimental gift! 


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