Why Music Can Speak To You

       My oldest son is off to college in a few weeks. I honestly cannot believe that I just typed those words. We have experienced the transition from high school to college because he has already completed one year at a local community college. This is new for me because my son has always lived in the same house with us. Sure, he has been on vacation with others, on mission trips, away for several days, etc. He is an independent and responsible young man. I know deep in my heart that all will be well. I am excited about this chapter in his life as he is, however; it sure is a growing pain for me! Since the day I found out that he was coming into this world, I have had a special bond with him. Time has its way of slipping away. Sometimes all we can do is cherish the wonderful times we have enjoyed along the way, let others know how you feel about them today, and look forward to making more beautiful memories.

         As I pondered this transition one evening, I began to think about the things I wanted him to know before he left. Of course, words would be spoken, and hugs would be given; but I needed him somehow to take those words with him that he could see every day. I immediately grabbed my Ipad and began drawing two ladderback chairs. As I sketched, I was curious as to why I was drawing two chairs. It then dawned on me why. There is a song called “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd that has always been special to us. The song begins with the words, "Come sit beside me, my only son and listen closely to what I say.” The meaning of the song is about a mother’s advice to her son on what are the most important things in life that are needed to be happy. The lyrics say,

"And be a simple kind of man
Oh, be something you love and understand
Baby, be a simple kind of man
Oh, won't you do this for me, son, if you can"

I wrote the words “What I Want You To Know” at the top of the pillow and beneath the chairs wrote the following:

Our Dear Son,

         We are so proud of the man that you have become. We hope that you will always do the things that make you scared, that is how you grow. Always remember that our home will always be yours too.

Carry Our Love With You Always,

                                           Mom and Dad

Thank you Lynyrd Skynyrd, for your inspiration for the pillow, but most of all a huge thank you to my oldest son for giving me the privilege to be your mother!

I hope that you will customize the words that you want to say to someone on this pillow or with one of our other products. When I read customers words that they send in to use on our products, I feel privileged!

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