We Are Headed Into The Dog Days Of Summer

As the hot weather approaches North Carolina, I knew it would be the perfect time to introduce you to "The Mingo" design. This design is dedicated to one of the most loyal, loving, and sweetest members of my family...our dog. 

Please don't think that I made a typing error and meant to say Bingo. Our Beag-A-Poo (a Beagle Poodle mix) dog was given to my youngest son in 2007 as a gift. At that time, my son loved watching the old TV series Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone had a loyal Indian friend by the name of Mingo. When he saw our new pet he immediately knew her name had to be Mingo. 

A few tidbits of information about Mingo:

1) She weighed 8 pounds when she was born. I have never seen such a cute brown 8 pound fur ball in my life!

2) I am not kidding, when I say it only took about one week to housebreak her!

3) One of funniest things I remember, was when my kids were little, they loved to put their afternoon snacks on this low coffee table in our living room while they ate it. On more than one occasion when they got up to leave the room and came back their snack would be gone! I will let you figure out who the snack thief was.

4) Mingo's most dreaded days are "bath days". All that you have to say to her is, "Are you ready for your bath?" and she will try to hide. 

5) She LOVES to go ride in my husband's old beat up work truck. My husband has been known to take her through the Bojangles drive through a few times a year to buy a sausage biscuit for her. 

I know that most pet owners feel this way, but I feel like I could search the world over and never find another Mingo. She has been a special part of our family and I wanted to design a blanket in honor of her! Yes, she may be slower than she used to be, have a little arthritis in her hips, and snore like nobody's business but she is a forever part of my family!

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