The Birthday Design Inspiration

Today is a special day! It is my sister’s birthday. I will not tell you how old she is today, but I celebrate her life for so many reasons. My sister, Sherry, is ten years older than I am. If you think about it, when I was starting Kindergarten she was learning to drive or when she got married, I was interested in riding my bike with the neighborhood kids. Not a lot in common because of our age difference. Fast forward to many years later, I need my sister in so many ways that I can not begin to explain in this blog post. As time goes on, I realize that God gave me her to provide me with unconditional love, support like no one else, and to share her wisdom with me. Back in the days of my childhood, I wanted a playmate, but we were in different stages of life. Today, we are still in slightly different stages of life but, despite the age difference, I love how beautiful our relationship has become!

July is truly a festive month for us because my nephew, Zack, has a birthday on July 27th. Zack, is my sister’s oldest son and has been an instrumental part of my new business. He is a gifted graphic design artist and photographer. He must be one of the most patient individuals I know. Do you know how many times I have called or texted him while I was learning to use Adobe Illustrator for my designs? Or how about putting up with me during a photo shoot of my products? He has a heart of gold and would do anything that is asked of him.

I get sad when I hear someone say that their birthday is just another day. How can someone feel that way? Your birthday is a celebration of the day that you took your first breath! After all, this is how my company came to fruition, when I wanted to do something unique for my Father-In-Law’s 84th birthday. In my house, we have always celebrated birthdays. From having a home full of kids to celebrate or even when I stayed up late to decorate the stairway from my son’s bedroom with balloons, streamers, and confetti so they could feel special that birthday morning. One of my favorite things that I have ever done is when both of my children were born, I bought them a special birthday bowl with their names on it. Each birthday they eat out of that bowl. With my oldest son being 19 and my youngest 16 they still ask every year if they are going to be able to eat out of their birthday bowl. You see, everyone wants to be celebrated in a special way and we should celebrate them.

This month’s design I have titled the “Hanes Birthday” design because that is my sister and nephew’s last name. I not only celebrate them but also my brother-in-law, Jimmy, and my youngest nephew, Tyler. The entire Hanes family is special to me. I encourage you to celebrate anyone special in your life, just not on their birthday, but all year. At the end of my life there will be only a handful of things that really matter to me. One of them is, did I let the people I love and care about know how I feel about them. Like I said, this is how Sew Meaningful was born! I hope you will choose our company to create a gift that speaks to your special someone personally!

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