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How To Make A Birthday Special Even During The COViD 19 Pandemic

 Have you ever heard someone or even said yourself, “Birthdays are just another day.” I urge you to stop for a moment and think about that statement. We have been given LIFE. We have been given SPECIAL PEOPLE in our lives. Today you have these people. Tomorrow, you may not. We should take a few minutes, hours, or even an entire day to celebrate someone’s life. Even a global-wide pandemic should not stop us from celebrating the joy of life and those we share it with!  During unprecedented times like this, we can still use our creativity to make your special someone’s day memorable. Here is a list of ideas to help you get started. Make them a Birthday Playlist...

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Influential Women

   Have ever thought about who would make your list if you had to sit down and write down the people who have had the largest impact on your life? I honestly had not either until recently. I had a challenging week not to long ago and it was if I could hear a series of words play through my mind encouraging me. After my week was over, I was working out one morning and began to reflect on that week. I thought, where did those pearls of wisdom come from? I did not read them in a book, ask anyone for advice, search for inspirational quotes, or seek out the words.  The pearls of wisdom and lessons were an...

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Creative Handmade Women Owned Businesses To Watch

   Did you know that today is American Businesswomen’s Day? I was inspired to seek out other female creative business owners for a few reasons. I am a female creative business owner myself. I wanted to showcase some amazing brands that I know my customer base would be excited to learn about. Lastly, I wanted to celebrate some amazing women business owners because before I began on this adventure myself, I never knew what a journey this was going to be. As I plowed through over 100 small businesses that had an interest in being a part of this post I looked at their products, websites, Etsy Shops, Social Media Posts, and had each one of my customers in mind....

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