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Creative Handmade Women Owned Businesses To Watch

   Did you know that today is American Businesswomen’s Day? I was inspired to seek out other female creative business owners for a few reasons. I am a female creative business owner myself. I wanted to showcase some amazing brands that I know my customer base would be excited to learn about. Lastly, I wanted to celebrate some amazing women business owners because before I began on this adventure myself, I never knew what a journey this was going to be. As I plowed through over 100 small businesses that had an interest in being a part of this post I looked at their products, websites, Etsy Shops, Social Media Posts, and had each one of my customers in mind....

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It Is Simple To Order Our Personalized Gifts

Why are personalized gifts so special? When you give someone something that speaks to them personally, it becomes more than just a gift. It shows that you value the bond and special connection that you have with them. Every human has a desire to feel accepted, recognized for their uniqueness, and loved for who they are. A personalized gift celebrates everything that they stand for. We live in a ridiculously fast paced culture. There are times that we rely to much on convenience and unfortunately our gift choice reflects this. I am not saying that you are not thoughtful and stop by the gas station to pick up a coffee mug on the way to a party, but we all know that there have been...

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