Home has always been a 4-letter word that has conjured up so many wonderful memories for me. When I was a child, I can recall lying on our shag carpet (that resembled the colors in vegetable soup) after school, having a snack, and watching Scooby Doo. Or, when I was home in my bed how I felt safe and cared for. There were many holidays, birthday parties, home cooked meals, and sleepovers with my friends that I will never forget.

   After college, I purchased my first piece of property and began construction of a starter home. My husband and I began our marriage in that small house. We spent many Saturday mornings lying in bed listening to “Old Country” music. We purchased our first dog, Eli, and trained him there. When I worked second shift and my husband worked first shift, I would cook for him and leave special notes along with the meals. We built a beautiful marriage in our first home and brought both of our children home from the hospital in that "small" but special home. 

   When our youngest son was 3 months old we decided it was time to move to a larger home with more room. Our home became filled with the pitter patter of children’s feet, new family traditions established, crayon marks on the wall in my bedroom, new neighborhood friends, building a sandbox, putting together a playset in the back yard, watching my children learn how to ride bikes, watching my oldest son drive off the day the day he got his drivers license, neighborhood kids in the pool, birthday parties, having friends over, and so many wonderful memories that I can never begin to tell you in this blog post.

   After living in that home for 13 years my husband and I decided to build a smaller home as our children were getting older, would be leaving for college within a few years, and we did not need so much space. The first night that we spent in our new home I was curious how I would feel about our new home the next morning. The next morning, I woke up and it immediately felt like I had lived in this home all my life. As I reflect on how I felt that morning, I realize that it was not the house at all that made me feel this way. It was my family that made me feel that way. We were together and that is all that really mattered. Not so long ago I was standing on our back porch and looked through the window. I saw my husband and two son’s standing in our kitchen talking. I stood there for a few minutes and just watched their facial expressions, gestures, and I had no idea what the topic of conversation was. It did not matter what the topic of conversation was. I stood there relishing, how blessed I am to have them.

   As I planned out this month’s design, I knew that I wanted to incorporate what really makes a house a home. The following words were used:

1-The most important work that you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home.

 2- Let's never stop making memories together.

 3- May this house build us.

 4- "By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established, by knowledge the rooms are filled with precious and pleasant riches" Proverbs 2 3-4

5- It is not about how big the house is; it's about how happy the home is.


   This month’s design would make the perfect keepsake for your family, be appropriate for a housewarming gift, or a unique gift for a couple as a wedding gift. You can use the above words or customize your own. Each throw blanket can be personalized with a name and established date.


   In closing I would like to mention that I know all homes are not full of good memories. This makes me sad. As I have said, my life has been immensely blessed. Unfortunately, I can not take away the discomfort that some may feel when they hear the word home. I would like to encourage you to begin today, finding even the smallest glimpse of hope in your home. Be the night light that stays on in the darkest of times. I pray that you can find peace, love, and acceptance where ever you lay your head tonight.








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