Easy Gift Ideas For Someone Hard To Buy For

 It can be hard to come up with a gift for a family member. Many times, they will tell you that they have everything that they need. You scratch your head, search the internet, visit stores, and a lot of times become frustrated. Do not settle for an ordinary gift that will be tucked away in a closet or drawer. If this sounds like you, read on as I have some great suggestions.


#1 Create a collection of your favorite recipes to share.

This is a great and simple DIY gift idea. Here is a great tutorial that uses a notebook and sharpies.  https://www.thegirlcreative.com/diy-fall-recipe-book/  

You could purchase a recipe template on ETSY and do it electronically. You can click here view a highly rated shop on ETSY for the templates. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DAMWORK?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=832261549&section_id=24268161

One year I purchased a recipe binder presented it to my mother-in-law as a Christmas gift. I asked her to write down a collection of recipes and give it back to me the next year as my Christmas gift. She enjoyed doing this throughout the year and even asked some of her relatives to contribute. It is one of my most treasured items.


#2 Gift a parent or grandparent the gift of telling their story.

This is a great way to help someone reflect on their life and share with generations to come. You could write your own journal prompts in a pretty notebook and pair with a nice ink pen or purchase a premade book such as this on ETSY.



#3 Make an 8x10 picture frame with special photos.

I created a picture frame filled with pictures of my boys several years ago for grandparents and one to keep for myself. It is a simple project. Print off Instagram size photos for the border and fill the middle with a 5x7 photo. I liked making the picture in the middle black and white for some contrast.


#4 Home Movies

Convert the home movies you have in storage from old reels or camcorder videos. I am sure there are businesses locally that you could entrust or there are several sites online. I personally have used I Memories and had a great experience. https://www.imemories.com/


#5 Create a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

At Sew Meaningful we help you create a unique gift for others that speaks to them personally. Our quilts, blankets, and pillows are personalized with the words that you want to say to your gift recipient.

IT IS AS EASY AS 1,2,3...

# 1 Select Your Design
For Your Project

# 2 Submit Your Written Words
To Us

# 3 Approve the template that we will send to you prior to beginning your project and we will get to work

After all, meaningful words make unforgettable gifts.







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